Education Watch – Phonics-Based Literacy SIGNED Into Law, Union Boss Angry For Some Reason

Jul 21, 2023 | Wisconsin Voices Blog

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “Assembly and Senate lawmakers approved the bill in bipartisan votes late last month. Kitchens said Wednesday the reading bill could be ‘the most important thing’ lawmakers accomplish this session.” Read more here.

Quinton Klabon

Additional context from IRG Senior Research Director Quinton Klabon:

  • This is a significant improvement from the status quo. Much of what IRG proposed in 2022 is now law. If implemented well, this will improve the trajectory of our state drastically!
  • It is important that charter and voucher schools can continue to do what works. As with federal COVID relief oversight, IRG will monitor Right to Read’s implementation, including for choice schools.
  • Governor Evers included whole paragraphs on how kids learning to read is “only one small part” of education and that we must spend a larger amount of money if we expect children to learn. That was not enough for the Wisconsin Education Association Council, which is “profoundly disappointed with provisions…developed in backroom deals.” No word yet on their disappointment regarding Wisconsin reading worse than Mississippi, Louisiana, and Kentucky.