K-12 Education And

Higher Education


Policy Solution: Student Mental Health; Increasing Transparency in Federal K-12 COVID Relief

THE PROBLEM: There has been a record influx of federal spending into Wisconsin through the American Rescue Plan of 2021 and other federal COVID-19 relief measures, but it is nearly impossible for citizens, taxpayers, watchdog groups, lawmakers, or members of the media to track how (or if) that money is being spent…

Policy Solution: Helping Students Read

THE PROBLEM: Too many Wisconsin children struggle to read, creating an educational, moral, and workforce crisis. The problem is getting worse…

Policy Solution: Curriculum Transparency in K-12 Schools

The Problem: It is nearly impossible for parents and other concerned parties to fully engage in the education of their children if they don’t know what is being taught in the classroom, what educational materials are being used, and what outside speakers and other content their children are being exposed to…

Policy Solution: Accountability for Taxpayer Spending on K-12 Schools

THE PROBLEM: Wisconsin taxpayers are spending unprecedented amounts of money on K-12 public education, but there is no accountability on the schools for academic performance. As a result, far too many schools are graduating students who cannot read and are ill-equipped for today’s jobs.  

How to End the Tuition Freeze (or Not)

IRG Policy Solution: Last week, Republicans on the Joint Finance Committee voted to end the tuition freeze. The freeze could not last forever, but questions…

Policy Solution: Help Struggling K-12 Students with Federal Funds

Gov. Tony Evers must choose how to spend $1.5 billion in federal funds for K-12 education. We have a solution that we think is a win-win-win, for students, parents and government….

Wisconsin’s workforce development programs: training for the jobs of today and tomorrow

While in office, Governor Scott Walker was dedicated to advancing the notion that Wisconsin was “Open for Business.” In fact, his first Executive Order in 2011 said, “…

Policy Solution: Empower Parents for K-12 Education Reform

PROBLEM: Too many children in Wisconsin are being left behind by their public school, especially those in Milwaukee and Madison….