State Budget


Gov. Evers’ Vetoes: 5 things to know

oday, Gov. Evers issued his vetoes for the GOP budget. Below are 5 things you need to know about the state-of-play when it comes to the budget in Wisconsin: 

Gov. Evers’ Budget vs. Legislative Budget

Stark Comparison: While we wait for Governor Evers to announce whether he will sign, veto, or partial veto the Legislature’s budget, it’s worth taking a moment to reflect on just how different the Legislature’s budget is to what Governor Evers proposed in February. 

What you need to know and (might have missed) in the Republican budget

With the Wisconsin legislature scheduled to vote today and tomorrow on the proposed budget from the Republican-majority in the Joint Finance Committee, the Institute for Reforming Government has released a summary of their proposed 2021-2023 state budget….

Policy Solution: Gov. Evers should give refunds to Wisconsin taxpayers

Wisconsin will be receiving $3.4 billion in new federal stimulus funds. This leads to an important question – how should the state spend the federal money?

Gov. Tony Evers’ Proposed 2021-2023 budget: the policies you need to know and might have missed

Governor Evers’ proposed budget would bounce the Badger State backwards. As the economy teeters between recession and economic recovery, Gov. Evers takes from the wallets of hard-earning Wisconsinites and businesses by more than $1 billion and irresponsibly – and unnecessarily – turns a projected budget surplus into a deficit….