Economic Growth


COVID-19: How Do We Support the Agriculture Industry?

When it comes to Wisconsin’s status as “America’s Dairyland,” former Governor Scott Walker and Wisconsin’s reform-minded legislature supported farmers and rural communities with a wide range of reforms, from reducing the tax burden to aid for rural schools. 

On the Anniversary of 2011 Wisconsin Act 10: A Look Back at the Legislation that Gained National Headlines

Governor Scott Walker and the reform-minded legislature turned Wisconsin around with bold reforms including the well known 2011 Wisconsin Act 10 (Act 10). After Governor Walker took office in 2011, his first Executive Order noted that the “State of Wisconsin is in an economic emergency caused by years of mismanagement….

Wisconsin Property Taxes: Relief Needed

In 2011, homeowners were suffering from a collapsed housing market and a period of time where property taxes had increased on their homes. After Governor Scott Walker and a reform-minded legislature took office, they were able to provide much-needed relief to homeowners. Unfortunately, Wisconsinites have seen an increase in their property taxes this year, an issue….

Wisconsin Leads the Way in manufacturing

Nationally, the first Friday in October is annually observed as “National Manufacturing Day.” Wisconsin is well known for its robust manufacturing industry with products and brands that are internationally known and utilized – so it’s no surprise that in Wisconsin, the entire month of October has long been recognized as “Manufacturing Month.”

Growing economic prosperity – lessons from tax reforms in the states

While tax revenues are necessary for providing the core responsibilities of government, elected leaders must ensure they derive from appropriate sources that are fair to those paying them. States often are called “laboratories of democracy,” as they can experiment with policies with greater flexibility and responsiveness than the federal government….

Policy Solution: Eliminate the Individual Income Tax

PROBLEM:  Middle class families and small businesses, still recovering from COVID-19 and the economic shutdowns, are being crushed by Wisconsin’s high-income taxes and overall tax burden.  Our state needs more than small fixes to ensure that everyday Wisconsinites have the opportunity to realize the American Dream…