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Center for Investigative Oversight

Wisconsin is witnessing an alarming trend in executive and bureaucratic failures, as well as claims of power for which there is no support in our constitution or statutes.

In recent years, there have been unprecedented delays in processing unemployment insurance applications, unlawful invocations of emergency power, a failure to keep track of billions of dollars of federal funds given to schools during the pandemic, and many other instances of questionable activities in both state and local governments.

Wisconsinites are, justifiably, asking who is responsible for finding out why this is happening. And they want to know how we can hold our government accountable for these failures.

IRG launched the Center for Investigative Oversight (CIO) to do just that. The CIO aims to promote accountability, transparency and conservative governance in Wisconsin by conducting and supporting rigorous, independent and objective oversight of state government – especially of the executive branch and its bureaucratic agencies.

We strive to empower lawmakers by giving them the education, tools and resources they need to reclaim their constitutional authority to engage in meaningful oversight. The CIO will help discover the sources of dysfunction within state government; reveal the results to the public; and work to ensure the proper people are held accountable.

Jake Curtis, J.D.

Chief Legal Counsel & Director of Oversight

“Divided government does not have to mean dormant government. The CIO will help the legislature reinvigorate its oversight activities and deliver real transparency and accountability to the people of Wisconsin.”
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