Featured: Report: UW-Madison race-based hiring program likely unconstitutional

Jul 17, 2023 | In The News, Oversight, Wisconsin Voices Blog

The following article featuring Anthony LoCoco, IRG’s Chief Legal Counsel & Director of Oversight, was published on The Center Square on Monday, July 17 2023.

(The Center Square) – Race-based admissions at the University of Wisconsin-Madison may not be the only thing that could be changing.

A new report from Center for Investigative Oversight at the Institute for Reforming Government takes a look at the university’s Target of Opportunity Program.

“In practice, the TOP program creates a two-track system by which departments can hire ‘diverse’ candidates outside of the normal hiring process, giving the candidates a leg up over non-diverse candidates,” the report states.


Anthony LoCoco, who is IRG’s head of the Center for Investigative Oversight, wrote in an op-ed at the Wall Street Journal that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that using race to determine who gets into college is largely unconstitutional. He said the same theory applies to race-based hiring.


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