IRG Applauds Welfare Reform Legislation to Bolster Wisconsin Workforce

Jan 18, 2022 | Mentions, Press Release

Madison, Wis. — The Institute for Reforming Government issued a statement by Executive Vice President Chris Reader today providing support for efforts by state lawmakers to reform the welfare system in Wisconsin. These bills work to fix gaps in the unemployment insurance system and stop people from job no-shows while still claiming benefits. The reforms will also bolster economic growth and ensure benefits are still available to those who truly need them.

“Unemployment Insurance is necessary for those who fall on hard times through the loss of a job, but UI benefits should not stand in the way of seeking new employment – especially when there are good paying jobs available throughout the state today. Approximately 130,000 jobs are listed on the state’s Job Center website.

“Learning from what happened during the pandemic, these bills fix gaps in state regulations in order to stop interview ghosting and job no-shows by people still claiming benefits, and they align UI benefits with the real-world job marketplace. The reforms will go a long way to improving workforce participation in Wisconsin. It’s time for bold reforms to incentivize work again.”