Apr 28, 2024 | Uncategorized, Wisconsin Voices Blog

Our Reformer of the month is the Founder and President of Bridge Builders Milwaukee, Dr. Kurt Owens! Bridge Builders Milwaukee’s mission is to, “inspire inner-city innovation that will holistically transform neighborhoods one block at a time.”

THE BACKGROUND: Dr. Owens has lived in the same neighborhood in Milwaukee his entire life. But, there became a time in adulthood that he realized his childhood neighborhood was taking a turn for the worse. Due to this, Dr. Owens and his wife decided they were going to move to Grafton – while planting roots for a new church in their ‘old’ neighborhood.

Well, that did not last long, and his ‘old’ neighborhood never became his ‘old’ neighborhood after all. Kurt realized his calling was to stay in the neighborhood and help become the solution that was needed for the problems that were emerging in the community. Dr. Owens, a pastor, determined that residents needed economic, physical and spiritual help and he became determined to establish a presence in the community, block by block.

THE PRESENT: Today, Bridge Builders has grown to 170 blocks in their targeted area.

Bridge Builders grew over the years after Dr. Owens brought in missionaries throughout the country – from rural and suburban areas – despite pre-existing political divides. He focuses on bringing people together and building multi ethnic relationships with people from all parts of America.

Dr. Owens is proud to say that Bridge Builders Milwaukee has been up and running for six years without government funding. They continue to make waves and make a difference in the lives of those in their community.

We at IRG are inspired by the work that Dr. Owens does and has done for his community and we cannot wait to hear of more good things that he will do in the future. To learn more about Bridge Builders Milwaukee, visit their website here.