3 Questions With: Alex Ignatowski, IRG’s Director of State Budget & Government Reform

Jul 29, 2022 | Wisconsin Voices Blog

1. If you were king for a day and could wave a magic wand, what policy change in Wisconsin would you enact?

That’s easy – elimination of the income tax. This would allow Wisconsinites to keep more of the money they earn, attract job creators to our state and spur economic growth for years to come.

2. What is your go-to Culver’s order?
A Double Bacon Deluxe Basket with everything on it. Extra pickles and a side of ranch for the french fries – OR – a scoop of the flavor of the day.

3. Best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
When I was young, my grandfather told me that as a young boy growing up in Germany, he often thought that the field a short distance from his home was much greener than his own. One day he went to take a closer look at that field and found that the grass was just the same on his side. Obviously, the moral of this story is that the grass is not always greener on the other side. But, more importantly, as an immigrant from post-war Germany, he knew what a blessing it was for me to be born in America. With that in mind, he didn’t want me to always be wanting for something that I didn’t have, but to understand the great fortune it was to live here and to be content in that.