NEW POLL: In Election Year, Wisconsinites Focused on Kitchen Table Issues

Jul 11, 2024 | Press Release

July 11, 2024 

NEW POLL: In Election Year, Wisconsinites Focused on Kitchen Table Issues

Policy Solutions Top of Mind for Wisconsin Voters ahead of RNC Convention

THE NEWS: In polling commissioned by the Institute for Reforming Government ahead of next week’s Republican National Convention, the people of Wisconsin make clear what issues are their top priorities. 

THE QUOTE: “Wisconsinites are focused on the issues that impact their daily lives because they are struggling in today’s economy,” said CJ Szafir, President and CEO of the Institute for Reforming Government.  


  • 47% of all respondents cite the economy as the most important issue
  • 71% of respondents say their income has not kept up with the pace of inflation
  • Lower food costs, lower taxes, and lower housing costs are the top 3 items that respondents say will help most with their personal finances
  • 62% of respondents favor reducing government regulations if it meant more business could be created in Wisconsin.
  • Nearly 60% of Republicans and Independents and almost half of Democrats support eliminating Wisconsin’s income tax
  • Only 9% of independents cite abortion as their top issue while 49% cite the economy and 24% cite border security as their top issue.

Independents, a crucial voting block in Wisconsin, are skeptical of both of the current Presidential candidates.

  • 25% of Independents prefer someone other than Biden or Trump
  • 16% of independents are still unsure who they will vote for
  • 28% choose Trump, while 27% choose Biden for President
  • 64% of independents do not approve of the way President Biden is doing his job

WHY IT MATTERS: Wisconsinites want elected officials who offer real policy solutions to ensure we are doing better four years from now than we are doing today.  Wisconsin’s economy was recently ranked 40th in the country, and when asked what is Governor Ever’s highest priority, the top response, 34% was unsure.

  • 47% of Independents and almost a quarter of Democrats were unsure what Evers’ top priority was

To view additional polling results, view the toplines on our website here.


Polling of 800 Registered Wisconsin Voters was conducted by Scott Rasmussen National Survey June 20-26, 2024.  Margin of error +/- 3.5%.