3 Questions With: Brian Reisinger President & COO, Platform Communications

Sep 1, 2022 | Wisconsin Voices Blog

Brian Reisinger Headshot

1. What is the number one challenge facing Wisconsin today and why?

Without question, the biggest challenge facing Wisconsin is the decline of our rural economy. It’s something that’s going on whether the broader economy is doing well or not, and I’d even argue it’s the biggest challenge facing the country. It’s not only farms like I grew up on disappearing, but so many jobs vanishing and people leaving and entire communities fading. And anyone who doesn’t live in a rural area, or isn’t from one, and thinks this doesn’t affect them is mistaken — from the food on your table to the growing rural-urban divide in our country, it affects everyone.

2. Favorite supper club in Wisconsin?

Green Acres in Sauk City — some of the best Friday fish fry or Saturday prime rib you will find in Wisconsin. It’s right by the border of Sauk County (where I’m from) and Dane County, so it is one of those symbols of coming home to me. Plus you knew it was a special occasion when our family went, because it almost never happened and my parents drank in front of us kids there rather than sending us to bed first. So it was a big deal to go there, and still is.

3. Best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Luck favors the prepared. Whether it was farming as a kid (although I was never very good at it) or later journalism, politics, or consulting, I’ve found there is never really a substitute for being ready for an opportunity by thinking ahead and working hard. We all have lucky breaks and tough breaks — good weather and bad — but we can still do something, even if it’s a small thing, to beat the odds now and then.