3 Questions With: Courtney Mullen IRG’s NEW Director of Outreach and Rural Coalitions

Jan 13, 2023 | Wisconsin Voices Blog

1. What is the number one challenge facing Wisconsin today and why?

The number one challenge facing Wisconsin today is the erosion of law & order that we are seeing across Milwaukee and the rest of our state. Not only have Milwaukee’s murder rate and carjackings been at historic highs over the past few years, but we are also seeing record drug overdoses. Wisconsin currently has a statewide shortage of prosecutors and we’re experiencing slow recruiting and poor retention within our law enforcement agencies across the state.

I believe this is the number one issue because we need to ensure Wisconsin is safe before we can attract people to move here to raise their families, educate their children, and run their businesses

2. Favorite supper club in the state?

Michiels in Menasha. After graduating from UW-Madison, I lived in Washington, D.C. for five years where I quickly learned that weekend brunch with an option to have “bottomless mimosas” is D.C.’s favorite meal. When I moved back to Wisconsin in early 2021, I always joked that I wanted to find a place that had bottomless mimosas as an option on their brunch menu. To my surprise, the only place I’ve found so far that has that as an option on their Sunday menu is a supper club in Menasha called Michiels!

3. Best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

When I was younger and competitive in sports, I was consistently told by my parents and coaches, “Hard work beats talent when talent won’t work hard,” and also to never give up.

I think that advice held up well as a child through my sports teams and prepared me for success in my adult life in professional work settings within the federal government and on political campaigns.