3 Questions With: Jessi Ebben, Public Relations Professional

Sep 23, 2022 | Wisconsin Voices Blog

Jessi Ebben

1. What is the number one challenge facing Wisconsin today and why?

Big government is the main challenge facing Wisconsinites today. Overreaching government and the regulatory state create extensive issues, including overspending taxpayer dollars which leads to debt and harmful inflation; adding unnecessary, cumbersome regulations to businesses that limit advancements and growth; increasing burdensome taxes that reduce the income of hard-working Wisconsinites; decreasing competition, opportunity and success in education; mandating businesses to close and requiring restrictions to open … the list goes on and on. By limiting the extent and power of the government, as originally designed and intended, it allows for a free market, which will in turn, naturally create economic prosperity and opportunities for Wisconsin and our nation, for generations to come.

2. Favorite Wisconsin sports memory?

The sports memory that will always stand out in my mind is when Brett Favre played an amazing game to beat the Oakland Raiders just one day after the passing of his father. Favre threw 399 yards and completed 4 touchdowns in the unforgettable Monday Night Football game. To this day, it still stands as one of the best, most memorable and emotional games of our time.

3. What person(s), living or dead, would you invite for dinner and why?

It would be fascinating to sit down with George Washington and get his take on where we are now as a nation compared to what he and the other founding fathers envisioned. I have so many questions for the leader who was there and made world-changing decisions during the revolution and the establishment of the people’s government and a federal system. There’s a lot to discuss, so this would need to be an extensive 12-course meal, of course.