3 Questions With: Megan Novack, Legislative Director at Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin

Sep 16, 2022 | Wisconsin Voices Blog

Megan Novak

1. What is the number one challenge facing Wisconsin today and why?
Our education system is failing the next generation. Students are being pushed to the next grade, the next class, the next school, without achieving comprehension of basic skills like reading and math. Only one third of Wisconsin students statewide are proficient in reading and math. If we want Wisconsin to be the best state in the country, we need to make sure all kids are able to unlock their full potential through school choice for all families.

2. What’s your go-to Culver’s order?
It would usually be Buffalo Chicken Tenders with fries, however, the tenders have been unavailable for over 470 days. But in good news, Twitter sources are saying they will FINALLY return to the menu on November 10th . Oh, and a scoop of Crazy for Cookie Dough custard for dessert.

3. Best life hack and why?
Always cut brownies with a plastic knife to stop them from tearing apart in the pan.