Education Watch – Choice Funding Gap Shrinks But Schools Need It Even Smaller

Jun 23, 2023 | Wisconsin Voices Blog

From the Legislative Fiscal Bureau: The K-8 voucher will rise from $8,399 to $9,874 per child. The 9-12 voucher will rise from $9,045 to $12,368. The special needs voucher will rise from $13,076 to $15,046. The K-12 charter base payment will rise from $9,264 to $11,366. Read more here.

Quinton Klabon

Additional context from IRG Senior Research Director Quinton Klabon:

  • This diminishes the gap between district and choice schools significantly. Families, advocates, and politicians all fought for this in divided government. Most importantly, children in charter and voucher schools will be more likely to have long-tenured teachers, high-quality curriculum, and the services that students need to be their most successful!
  • There is still a gap between the actual cost of education and choice amounts, especially for schools with many low-income or special needs students. Let’s build momentum for closing the charter and voucher gaps even more!