Did your school invest wisely?

Meet the Author:
Quinton Klabon
Senior Research Director, IRG [email protected]


    The coronavirus pandemic was a catastrophe for children. Students suffered through virtual schooling, quarantined teachers, and emotional misery. Academic results, the lowest this century, still have not recovered.

    After sending $860 million to help Wisconsin public schools manage through spring 2021, Congress sent a final $1.49 billion to get students back on track.

    The goal? Do whatever it takes to catch kids up by September 2024.

    The problem? No one knows how schools have spent it or not spent it…until now.

      See For Yourself

      1. Find your district in the drop-down list.

      2. Click a segment to see the spending categoy and total.

      3. The first spending chart uses the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s categoies. Unfortunately, they are too broad to provie any insight.

      4. The second spending chart uses the Institute for Reforming Government’s categories. IRG examined all 450 districts’ spending, line by line, to provide much deeper analysis.

      5. The third spending chart uses the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s accounting codes. You can see the method by which districts spent tax dollars.

      6. Use the table for even more depth. Search for spending in the boxes. Sort spending top to bottom or bottom to top by clicking the column title.

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        Kids Cannot Wait

        We are all exhausted, but students need recovery services as quickly as possible. Let’s ensure districts do right by our children.