Explain It To Me: Breaking up the Department of Natural Resources

Oct 21, 2022 | Wisconsin Voices Blog

Hunting blind in a field

From IRG Director of Environmental Policy Ed Eberle:


  • What happened? This week Tim Michels echoed an IRG-backed idea to split the DNR – a notoriously complex, outdated and overly-bureaucratic agency – into two separate agencies to better serve the needs of taxpayers.


  • Why is it important? In order for Wisconsin to remain competitive with neighboring states and nationally, the current 50+ year old model for the DNR needs to be recalibrated to meet taxpayers expectations of how they wish to be treated in the 21st century, and honor the mission of supporting hunters and sportsmen while serving the business community through simplified and timely approval of permits.


  • What’s next? IRG will soon unveil a plan to split the DNR into two separate agencies. One agency to focus on serving hunters by providing them with conservation support, and the other to treat businesses as customers and help them follow the rules through timely issuance of permits to grow business.


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