Explain It To Me: Governor Evers’ picks for his cabinet get hearings

Mar 17, 2023 | Wisconsin Voices Blog

Additional context from IRG’s Director of State Budget and Government Reform, Alex Ignatowski

What happened? Four of Governor Evers’ appointees to lead state agencies had hearings this week.

Why is it important? As he starts his second term, Governor Evers has made a few changes to his cabinet, though a fair number of secretaries are holdovers from his last term. These appointees will oversee the agencies that comprise the executive branch of Wisconsin state government and require the approval of the state Senate. From the Department of Transportation to the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, these agencies play an important role in the functioning of state government. So far this session, eight cabinet appointees have had hearings and some have already been approved by their respective standing committees.

What’s next? It is important to note that the Senate as a whole has not approved or rejected any cabinet appointees this session. In the weeks ahead, look for the Senate to take action on these appointees.