Explain It To Me: Joint Audit Committee to hold first meeting of session next week

Feb 3, 2023 | Wisconsin Voices Blog

Additional context from IRG’s Director of State Budget and Government Reform, Alex Ignatowski:

What happened? In its first committee meeting of this legislative session, the JAC will discuss how decisions were made for the spending of federal relief funds and propose two new audits.

Why is it important? This session’s committee will be co-chaired by Senator Wimberger and Rep. Wittke who have both been strong advocates for using the Audit Committee’s oversight powers. Additionally, the co-chairs of the powerful Joint Finance Committee are also members of the Audit Committee, a point that is not lost on agencies that will find themselves before the committee this session.

What’s next? At Tuesday’s meeting, the committee will consider audits of professional license credentialing and the use of remote work at state agencies – two areas in need of legislative oversight. The JAC seems to be off to a productive start.