Explain It To Me: Joint Legislative Audit Committee Hearing on Community Corrections

Apr 21, 2023 | Wisconsin Voices Blog

Patrick Hughes

Additional context from IRG Policy Analyst Patrick Hughes: 

What happened? This week the JAC held a public hearing for the audit report on the Dept. of Corrections’ Division of Community Corrections. The hearing is an opportunity for the committee to discuss the Audit Bureau’s findings and for the DOC to respond.

Why is it important? The division is responsible for supervising over 60,000 people on probation, parole, and extended supervision and the audit found serious deficiencies in how DOC is supervising offenders and administering programs. Both the audit and hearing are opportunities for the legislature to take a deep dive into an agency that is vital to the criminal justice system and public safety.

What’s next? Audits are used to identify areas of state programs that require additional oversight or reform by the legislature; the findings in this audit could be used to change program management or inspire new legislation. IRG’s CIO will continue to review the audit report and  push to uncover issues related to DOC’s community supervision programs.