Explain It To Me: Legislature Holds Hearings on Bills Restricting the Ability of State and Local Government to Outlaw Gas Powered Vehicles and Appliances

Apr 14, 2023 | Wisconsin Voices Blog

Rep. Schutt testifies on behalf of her bill

Additional context from IRG’s Director of State Budget and Government Reform, Alex Ignatowski

What happened? Assembly and the Senate committees both held hearings this week on bills that would ban the state and local governments from prohibiting the sale or use of gas powered vehicles and appliances.

Why is it important? States like California have already put in place laws that would ban the sale of gasoline vehicles in that state by 2035. Closer to home, Democrats in the Minnesota House have proposed legislation that would prohibit the sale of gas powered lawn equipment. The bills being considered by the legislature would prohibit such bans in Wisconsin.

What’s next? The Assembly Committee on State Affairs approved both bills on a party line vote Thursday and will be voted on by the Assembly next week Tuesday. The Senate Committee on Transportation and Local Government still needs to approve the bills before they go to the Senate floor.