Featured: Health care a top issue for Wisconsinites, report finds

May 11, 2023 | In The News

The following feature piece highlighting IRG’s brand new What Wisconsin Wants report ran in the CapTimes on Thursday, May 11, 2023.

(CapTimes) – Health care a top issue for Wisconsinites, report finds

Concerns about health care — including declining mental health, access to care and addiction issues — are top of mind for Wisconsinites in a variety of demographics according to a wide-ranging, year-long study conducted by the conservative Institute for Reforming Government.

The organization held 42 listening sessions in 25 communities throughout the state, including Arcadia, Eau Claire, Green Bay, Hayward, Janesville, Madison, Milwaukee, Oconomowoc, Spring Green, Waukesha and Wausau. The result is a report called “What Wisconsin Wants,” broken into sections including farmers, manufacturers, public and charter school teachers, veterans, college students, retailers, realtors and entrepreneurs.

“(The organization knows) some of the best ideas can come from the people and communities all across the state. That’s why a deeper understanding of the social fabric that supports strong families, schools and communities is the precursor to ensuring Wisconsin remains the heart of the American Dream for generations to come,” wrote CEO CJ Szafir in an introduction to the report.

The report includes lists of concerns from each group, along with proposed policy solutions. It’s accompanied by a poll conducted last month by Morning Consult, a firm with a B- minus rating from FiveThirtyEight (ratings are based on accuracy and methodology; Morning Consult was found to have called 73% of races it polled on correctly)…

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