Featured: Tax-reform group asks ‘Where are Wisconsin’s tax cuts?’

Jun 12, 2023 | In The News

The following article featuring IRG’s Chris Reader was published by Center Square Wisconsin on Monday, June 12 2023.

(Center Square Wisconsin) – Tax-reform group asks ‘Where are Wisconsin’s tax cuts?’

(The Center Square) – Wisconsin lawmakers are fast-tracking a plan to send $500 million to local governments, spend $1 billion more on public schools, and allow both the city of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County to raise their taxes.

The Institute for Reforming Government’s Chris Reader, however, wonders when lawmakers are going to look at cutting taxes in Wisconsin.

“People are focusing more on the spending side of the equation,” IRG’s Chris Reeder told The Center Square.

IRG has been one of the loudest voices in Wisconsin for tax reform, supporting both a plan to eliminate Wisconsin’s personal income tax and switching from the state’s current progressive tax to a flat income tax.

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