Former Supreme Court Justice Daniel Kelly Joins Institute for Reforming Government

Oct 22, 2020 | Mentions, Press Release

Madison, Wis. — The Honorable Daniel Kelly, former Justice on the Supreme Court of Wisconsin, will join the Institute for Reforming Government as its Senior Fellow in Constitutional Governance as IRG prepares to further build out its operations. Justice Kelly will lead IRG’s efforts to increase accountability and oversight on state agencies and assist in advancing free market, limited government policies in Wisconsin.

“We couldn’t be more honored to have Justice Kelly join the Institute for Reforming Government,” said CJ Szafir, president of the Institute for Reforming Government. “His experience on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, passion for furthering government reform, and leadership in the conservative movement makes him a valuable addition to our organization.”

“I am pleased to join the IRG team and partner with CJ Szafir,” said Justice Daniel Kelly. “The Wisconsin Constitution charges each branch of government with the duty to protect our inherent rights — amongst which, it says, are ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.’  I look forward to working with IRG to ensure that the executive branch, and its unelected bureaucrats, protect these freedoms and responsibly steward taxpayer money.”

Justice Kelly was appointed to the Wisconsin Supreme Court by Governor Scott Walker in 2016 and served until July 31, 2020. While on the Court, he issued landmark decisions dealing with reining in the administrative state, free speech, and limited government. More on Justice Kelly’s tenure on the Supreme Court can be found here.

He has 19 years of experience as a private practice attorney in Wisconsin and has represented clients in cases before the Wisconsin Supreme Court and in the U.S. Supreme Court. Before joining the Wisconsin Supreme Court, he spent most of his career at one of the largest and oldest law firms in the State of Wisconsin.  Subsequently, he served as vice president and general counsel for a philanthropic foundation, and then practiced law at a firm he owned and founded in Waukesha.

Justice Kelly is a member of the board of advisors and past president of the Milwaukee Lawyers’ Chapter of the Federalist Society.

The Institute for Reforming Government is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization formed in November 2017, that seeks to simplify government at every level by offering policy solutions to thought leaders in American government in the areas of tax reform, government inefficiency, and burdensome regulations.

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