Justice Kelly Applauds Joint Resolution to Overturn Public Health Emergency by Gov. Evers

Jan 22, 2021 | Press Release

Madison, Wis. — Former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Dan Kelly, the Senior Fellow in Constitutional Governance at the Institute for Reforming Government, applauds a joint resolution signed by Republican lawmakers today that would overturn Gov. Evers’ latest public health emergency order. Justice Kelly reaffirms that the governor’s emergency powers expired eight months ago.

“Regardless of political persuasion, everyone should be greatly troubled by a governor who steadfastly refuses to recognize limits on his authority,” said Justice Kelly. “Instead of gracefully recognizing the limits placed on him by the law, Gov. Evers has issued a string of executive orders, each declaring the same emergency over and over again, as if they were incantations for bringing expired powers back to life. His executive orders are nothing but camouflage for straight-up power grabs. And with each power grab he taunts the legislature, daring lawmakers to hold him accountable to the law. No one is above the law, including the governor, and this joint resolution is a welcome development.”

Justice Kelly has a column on the joint resolution that appeared in Empower Wisconsin today, read it here.

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