New Poll Shows Wisconsinites Support Elimination of Income Tax

Jan 18, 2023 | Press Release

Eliminate The Income Tax

MADISON, Wis. – A survey of registered Wisconsin voters conducted in December 2022 shows a plurality of voters – across partisan lines – support eliminating the income tax AND that nearly 6 in 10 think that state taxes are too high. The State Policy Network (SPN)’s State Voices project in partnership with Morning Consult, conducted this survey.

The poll shows 45% of Wisconsinites support eliminating the income tax while 40% oppose.

IRG believes that in order to make Wisconsin a national leader, we need to eliminate the state personal income tax. You can read more about our plan to do that here.

The support to eliminate Wisconsin’s income tax is found amongst registered voters across partisan lines: Republicans, Independents – even 40% of Democrats support the elimination of Wisconsin’s state income tax.

In a purple state like Wisconsin, it’s telling that there is strong support for such transformational tax reform. In fact, only 3% of respondents said state taxes are too low, compared to 59% saying that state taxes are too high.

Click here to read more on how reducing state income tax can jumpstart Wisconsin’s economy and make our state a national leader in tax reform.