Policy Solution: Help Struggling K-12 Students with Federal Funds

Apr 1, 2021 | Policy

Gov. Tony Evers must choose how to spend $1.5 billion in federal funds for K-12 education. We have a solution that we think is a win-win-win, for students, parents and government.

IRG POLICY SOLUTION: As Wisconsin school districts closed their buildings in the past year – lagging far behind other states that placed a greater emphasis on staying open – failure rates have skyrocketed and tens of thousands of students simply did not show up for “virtual instruction.” To deal with this crisis, Wisconsin’s state policymakers should use federal funds from the American Rescue Plan Act to give these “missing students” the ability to take courses that will catch them up and prepare them for what’s next. Doing so will enable Wisconsin’s education system to end up stronger, more resilient, and more student-focused than before COVID-19. Check out our solution here: Help the Missing Students

MEDIA: Wisconsin reform group pitches $1.5 billion for summer school, extra classes (Center Square)

We have 4 solutions – read them here.

At IRG, it is our belief that every child deserves a world-class education and we are looking for creative ways to make that a reality. It’s clear that COVID and the economic shutdowns have impacted families and schools in numerous ways. That is why IRG, along with partner organizations like School Choice Wisconsin and Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, urges Wisconsin policymakers to require as much of this funding as possible to be allocated to course offerings that support summer school, after-school, and learning- loss recovery. We need to empower schools and families so that we can all move forward toward a brighter future.