Poll Reveals Support for Abolishing Wisconsin Elections Commission

Feb 2, 2022 | Press Release

Wisconsin residents favor Secretary of State overseeing elections

Madison, Wis. — The Institute for Reforming Government (IRG) conducted a poll in December 2021 to learn how Wisconsin voters view the state’s current elections oversight system, and to gauge if there is support among voters to upgrade to the system utilized in a majority of states where an elected official such as the Secretary of State manages elections.

Despite being in place for years, the poll found that only one-third of voters support the current system, with a plurality of Wisconsinites supporting – by a 38-33 margin – vesting elections oversight with a statewide elected official.  Notably, plurality support for vesting elections oversight receives bipartisan support. Democrats support this oversight reform by a 44-35 margin while Republicans support it by a 38-31 margin.

The poll memo can be found here.

Additionally, IRG released a policy memo on eliminating the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) last August which can be found here.

“Election oversight should be in the hands of an elected official, like the Secretary of State,” said CJ Szafir, president of the Institute for Reforming Government. “33 states empower voters with the ability to hold the top elections official accountable, and Wisconsin should as well. This poll shows that Wisconsinites are ready for change. It is time for Wisconsin to abolish the Wisconsin Elections Commission and remove the oversight of elections from the WEC that is often deadlocked when it comes to important decisions. Abolishing the WEC would give power back to the people, allowing them to hold the elected official accountable at the ballot box. It also provides greater accountability and frees elections oversight from bureaucratic deadlock.”