“The Institute of Reforming Government is leading a revolution into the capitol in Madison- giving a voice to the voiceless, and fighting for opportunities for all Wisconsinites. Right now, our states need transformational leadership more than ever, and CJ Szafir and the IRG is exactly what Wisconsin needs.”

-Matt Paprocki, President, Illinois Policy Institute

“As Speaker of the Assembly, I need as many allies as possible in the capitol to help beat back the radical left and advance the conservative agenda. That's why I am thrilled the Institute for Reforming Government is stepping up to the plate to dedicate itself to implementing free market, limited government solutions. I look forward to working with them in addressing Wisconsin's economic challenges and making the state more free and prosperous for all.”

-Robin Vos, Speaker of the Wisconsin Assembly

“We took on big, bold reforms like Act 10 to move our state and local communities forward. The next step is to put more power back in the hands of the hard-working taxpayers. That means major reforms of our tax system. All the way to the point of actually phasing out the state income tax. Now that’s exciting. Those are the things that the Institute for Reforming Government is working on and why they need your help to push these big, bold ideas forward.”

-Scott Walker, former Wisconsin Governor and former IRG National Honorary Chairman

“With CJ at the helm, I’m confident that the Institute for Reforming Government will play a crucial role in advancing reforms that will make government more accountable to the taxpayers, grow the economy, and put families - not bureaucrats - in charge of their education.”

-Chris Kapenga, Wisconsin State Senate President

“I look forward to the prospect of working with the Institute for Reforming Government to make Wisconsin a no-income-tax state, which would go farther than any other reform toward the goal of making Wisconsin a more attractive place to live, work, do business, and invest.”

-Grover Norquist, president, Americans for Tax Reform

“At the Commonwealth Foundation in Pennsylvania, a purple state with similarities to Wisconsin, we have an established track record of turning policy solutions into law, giving more people the opportunity to pursue their dreams. I know what success looks like for a think tank.

“That’s why I am thrilled to see what the Institute for Reforming Government plans to do. Under their leadership, including new president CJ Szafir, they have the vision and expertise to make a major impact in advancing free market, limited government, and education reform policies. I look forward to collaborating with IRG and helping them build out their operations.”

-Charles Mitchell, President & CEO, Commonwealth Foundation

“ IRG is tapping into some of the brightest minds in policy leadership. From healthcare to education, they are tackling some of the toughest problems we face as a state. I am glad CJ and the team are proposing reforms to benefit Wisconsin taxpayers.”

– Rebecca Kleefisch, Former Lt. Governor of Wisconsin

“Now more than ever, we need to look at ways we can fix government inefficiencies and unleash the potential of the American economy. With a dedicated team of policy professionals, the Institute for Reforming Government is leading this charge and committed to advocating for policies that put people — not bureaucracy — first.”

-Mike Gallagher, United States Congressman (WI-08)

“It is important we have IRG developing thoughtful, free market solutions to counter the left’s misguided ideas in Congress and across the nation. I look forward to working with IRG to solve problems facing families and workers.”

– Bryan Steil, United States Congressman (WI-01)

“I’ve worked with CJ for a long while and I’m excited to see what IRG will do to improve K-12 education. We need more voices at the table and particularly voices that will speak the truth and work to give all children in Wisconsin access to a great education.”

-Henry Tyson, Superintendent, St. Marcus Lutheran School

“IRG has been a great force advocating for policy solutions for a free society. I’ve enjoyed working with IRG in the past, and look forward to working with them more in the future to advance market-based reforms to improve Wisconsin’s economy. IRG’s focus on putting policies into practice is especially needed in times like these.”

-Noah Williams, Professor of Economics at UW-Madison and Director of the Center for Research on the Wisconsin Economy