Featured: Report: Wisconsin’s state debt load $2,226 per-person

Aug 2, 2023 | In The News, Oversight, Wisconsin Voices Blog

The following article featuring IRG’s Alex Ignatowski ran in Center Square Wisconsin on Wednesday, August 4. 

(The Center Square) – A new report puts Wisconsin’s state debt load as the second-highest among the state’s neighbors.

The Institute for Reforming Government on Thursday released its look into Wisconsin’s debt and finances.

“As of June 2022, Wisconsin holds $13,122,300,000 in debt which equates to roughly $2,226 per capita,” the report states.


The June 2022 numbers are the most recent from the state’s Department of Revenue.

The $2,226 per-person debt load is far more than Michigan with a per-capita debt of just $922, Iowa with a per-capita debt of $977 and Minnesota with a per-capita debt of $1,622. The report notes Illinois has the highest per-capita debt load at $17,231.

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