Oversight Watch: Shadow Agency Exposed by Center for Investigative Oversight

Jun 30, 2023 | Oversight, Wisconsin Voices Blog

Additional context from IRG’s CIO Director Anthony LoCoco and Student Fellow Andrew Mazza:

  • The United Nations Foundation and the Evers Administration are colluding to evade the legislative process and force a climate agenda on Wisconsin.
  • Unable to secure legislative approval of his climate change and “environmental justice” initiatives, Governor Evers has acquired hundreds of thousands of dollars in third-party funding from the United Nations Foundation, the multi-billion-dollar UN partner chaired by media tycoon Ted Turner, according to documents obtained by the Center for Investigative Oversight.
  • Evers  is using UNF funds to staff the Office of Sustainability & Clean Energy, a governmental entity he created solely by executive order, which in turn has worked to implement far-left climate priorities such as a “carbon-free” Wisconsin by 2050.
  • The DOA  Secretary and staff were questioned by Rep Born of the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Finance about how the OSCE was being funded. When he asked how the positions were financed, they failed to disclose the source of grant money, suggesting they were federally funded.
  • Wisconsin’s public deserves to know whether the Evers administration is complying with the law, whether it misled the Joint Committee on Finance, to what extent there is private control of Wisconsin governmental operations, and what safeguards, if any, exist around the exercise of power by OSCE.

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